Smarter Restaurant Management

Restorun is a leading smart hosting management tool that optimize best the sitting timeline and the restaurant owners revenue, allows for increased volume of bookings, while assisting the hostess in keeping touch with her customers

Restorun specializes in developing creative software solutions for the restaurant industry. The company’s flagship product, is powering more than 1,000 restaurants, and is one of the world’s leading products in its field. Restorun provides a comprehensive picture of the restaurant activities and leave behind lost orders events or conflicting orders. The system enables real-time order, update tables on the fly and advanced customer management.

Restorun’s Smart Solutions

Why Restorun?

Remote Management with Variety of Platforms

Control and manage remotely from different stations and platforms (like: PC, Mobile…) simultaneously.

Sitting Optimization

Suggesting the best table suited for seating

Reservation Deposit Interface

Interface for managing customers deposits for Internet or telephone reservation

Online Reservation

An optimized form for on-site embedding or enable integration with leading online booking systems.

Automatic Reservation Verification

Maximize the timeline seating and reduce last minute cancellation.

Manage Queues

A market leading and advanced queue management system with a unique restaurant solution

Around the Clock Call Center

Professional call center available through all around the clock

POS Integration

Full POS integration for data analysis and customer insights

Full Support in Offline Work

Continuous work without loss of data even in a lack of communication or in a complex space conditions.

Customer Club Interface

Interfacing with market leading systems for a complete picture of the customer

Restaurant Management On the go

An effective solution for managing anywhere and any time in any situation, getting a status and a real time snapshot of the place. The right tool to connect between your hostess and waiter. Managing the queues from the field for better customer service and experience.

  • Fast reservation update
  • Statistics and capacity balance
  • Manage the online reservation
  • Advanced queue management
  • Advanced data aggregation

Restorun by the Numbers

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Saving on hosts/floor staff labor cost
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1.5 million diners seated annually
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