Restorun Call

With the main goal of giving a personal customer experience, customer identification will enable more effective approach and individual responses when your customer history and insight in front of your eyes.
Restorun Call provide caller ID solution for virtual or physical operator, switch and even without one.
Easy-to-use easy-to-manage call management interface that can make the most of your incoming and outgoing calls, shortens the hostess operation, reduces mistype mistakes, enables one click reservation while maintaining synchronization with past data.
Restorun Call will assist in Build loyalty and enhance customer’s relation with your brand.

  • Identify the customer with caller ID
  • Friendly interface for voice records management
  • Quick records search
  • Play voice records
  • Work simultaneously with different work stations
  • Filter and anlys by extension
  • Click to call or hang up for a complete hands free experience
  • Send automated personal response message, in-case of a missed call